The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has scrapped the two-year Bachelor of Education Programme (B.ED) which was introduced three years ago. In place of the two-year B.Ed. Programme, MHRD has introduced a four-year integrated teacher training B.Ed. course. The four-year B.Ed. course will be offered in the following combinations:





Why is the government making this change?


As per the report, NCTE source said that this move was being carried out to ensure that only serious students opt for the Teacher Training Programme by making it similar to B.Tech and MBBS Programme.


Integrated B.Ed. course is Better 


This is because of the fact that an integrated course lasts for a period of 4 years only. Keeping in mind that the integrated program is a dual degree in nature- at the end of the course, graduates will be awarded two degrees-Bachelor’s Degree (chosen by the student) and B.Ed. degree. Obtaining two degrees within four years is a great deal. It has been designed to churn out more teachers and satisfy the growing demand.