The GST (Goods & Service Tax) is an Indirect tax which was initiated in India from 1st July 2017 and replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the Central & State Government. This new tax legislation has bought the big boom for the Finance professional & Commerce graduate, who are seeing a spurt in job opportunities.


All businesses have to adopt the new tax regime, this will result in the increased demand for a specialized field like Accounting, Taxation & Data Analysis.  According to the survey in 2017, over 20,000 Financial Professional is in demand, Mid – Sized Financial firms have hired Finance Graduates instead of CA because CA are short in supply. The job prospects for B.Com, M.Com, and MBA Finance Graduates is increasing day by day. In 2017, there was 60% rise in the demand for Finance Professionals from Junior to senior level.


GST has provided immense opportunities and increased the scope for finance background students. The Government is planning to provide various training & workshop sessions on GST for the commerce graduate & finance background students as well as professionals to meet the demand of GST professionals in the domestic as well as Global level.


Accordingly, various sectors like Manufacturing, Services, Logistics, Retailing, E-Commerce, Banking & Financial sector will see a substantial rise in the job opportunities and the major part of the development is handed by the IT Companies Preparing GST Software as the IT sector is playing a significant role in expanding the GST around the Nation. So, indirectly job opportunities for the software professionals also increasing.