The Delhi government on Monday 2nd July 2018 launched 'Happiness Curriculum' for its school students, with the Dalai Lama gracing the occasion.


The Happiness Curriculum will be practiced in the following manner:

·        Mindfulness will be practiced on Mondays, Tuesdays

·        Wednesdays will be based on value-based stories

·        Activities will be conducted on Thursdays and Fridays to enhance children’s critical thinking skills.

·        Saturdays will be treated as ‘Expression day’ where students will learn to express basic values such as gratitude, respect, politeness, courage etc.


The Curriculum is based on values but it is different from Moral education as the learning will be experimental and not theoretical.

Reflective questions and activities are designed especially to connect with the students’ lives. The major focus will be on feelings.

The Curriculum is more focused on discussions and not instructions to generate awareness among students and help them build meaningful relationships. The teacher’s handbook is a completion of stories and activities to make it a zero burden process.