In this era of technology, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without computers, mobile phones, electronic gadgets etc. The software is one of the critical parts of these machines whether system software, application software or embedded software. It’s very challenging task for the software organizations to release quality software. A tremendous amount of testing is done to ensure that the software would not fail after delivering the software to the client.


Software testing is the process in which we develop/test the Software or related documents in order to find out the mistakes or bugs because these bugs in the program can lead to failure which further may cause disasters. Therefore to deliver the product to the customer, software developer/tester/ independent testing team try their hard to remove all the bugs at their end.


Various testing techniques are adopted at various levels to achieve the confidence level. Testing is one of the most challenging phases of software development in which organizations spend time, cost & efforts to satisfy the client with a quality product.


New innovations are being done in this field to achieve maximum output in less time & cost. Automation testing has been proved very effective & captured the industry by means of its benefits. The process of software testing can be more effective by using the techniques of Artificial intelligence.


Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing


Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science which is concerned with the development of computers able to engage in human-like thought processes such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Artificial Intelligence has helped and has been used in many fields and applications like Facebook and banking networks and Finance Networks. Facebook uses its cookies to track all the movements of its users including their likes & dislikes. Techniques of AI are also used in Banking Sector to benefit their customers for future investments. There are also different applications like Amazon Alexa, Google now which use artificial intelligence to felicitate the customers.


Development of testing tools that can use AI to help testers find defects in their software and then fix code automatically after finding a bug. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) held a major event to develop systems that can automatically and autonomously "detect, evaluate and patch software vulnerabilities" to improve cybersecurity. AI is the key to making software testing smarter and more efficient. Various organizations are using these innovations in software testing like Infosys has developed an in-house, machine learning platform to get help in software testing life cycle, leading to more efficient execution and reduced effort.


Application Areas


·         Easy test management & creation of test cases automatically


·         Identification of  duplicate/similar and unique test cases


·         Identification of  hotspots and automatically execute test cases


·         Identification of complex scenarios from the requirements traceability matrix


·    Defect analytics - Identifies high-risk areas in the application which helps in a risk-based prioritization of regression test cases


·         To identify the patterns based on the training data


·         Image recognition to improve UI testing


AI Tools Available for Software testing:


·         Test.AI


·         Mabl


·         ReTest