Language plays a vital role in the communication process and its utility has now gone beyond that. In today’s scenario, fluency over a foreign language can give students added the advantage in comparison to other candidates at the time of interview.  


With the increase in business inter-relationship accelerating globally at an unprecedented rate, Indian companies, firms, and entrepreneurs operating in the country, like Amazon, Infosys, Samsung, TCS, HCL, LG, L&T, IBM, Genpact, Fujitsu Technology, Accenture, and Geometric Ltd, among others, are now evaluating employees on the basis of their foreign language proficiency.


MNC’s have their clients in different parts of the world and for better communication, many MNC’s prefer to hire MBA graduates who possess knowledge of at least one foreign language. Therefore, for the growth & development of one’s career knowledge of foreign language is a doorway for new opportunities.


Learning a foreign language not only help the students to grasp career opportunities but it also helps to think out of the box and see the world through different lenses. The ability to consider multiple viewpoints to a problem is a cornerstone of creative problem-solving.


Academic qualifications and sound proficiency in foreign languages is the key that opens a wider door for a career in vital sectors like tourism, diplomatic services, embassies, journalism, mass communication, and public relations, entertainment, arts, publishing, interpretation and translation, public and international organizations.


The demand and the scope of foreign languages are on the rise and the trend will continue for a long time, thus a career in Foreign Languages is a lucrative option for the students.