Knowledge is growing very fast in all disciplines and therefore all the teachers need to be updated with the latest developments and new emerging areas in their disciplines, pedagogical improvements, and methodologies for transacting their curricula.


Around 1.5 million teachers at the higher education institutes in India would be given online training for the emerging subjects, courses & technology by MHRD’s MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platform SWAYAM. The refresher Module will include the latest trends in their earmarked discipline by June 15 each year.


In the first phase, 75 institutes including IITs, IISC, NITs, and State Universities have been identified as National Resources Centres (NRCs) and would prepare discipline Specific online Training Material.




New & emerging fields including IOT, Pedagogy and Research Methods, Information science, language teaching etc would be a part of the curriculum.


 The training material will be uploaded and made available through SWAYAM to all the teachers with effect from October 1, each year.


Teachers will be trained every year under the refresher module based on the latest trends in various courses and streams prepared by different institutes.


Based on the response, the course can be repeated in January.


NRC will publish a list of the certified faculty members by December 31, 2018. UGC will issue order/regulations for the purpose of career a progression and APIs.