The Most common Quote fitted in this context- "The first impression is the last Impression"& your C.V. is your first impression when you apply for a job.

Your C.V. is the gate pass to attend the interview. A recruiter keenly observes your resume & chooses the most appropriate candidate according to the job profile. There are some common mistakes which lead to letting Down Your C.V., these are as follows:


1.     Spelling & Grammatical Error-  Your Resume should be free from all Spelling & Grammatical Error. This is the most common mistake that everyone does. Spelling & Grammatical mistakes can affect the credibility of your C.V. So, it is necessary to proofread your C.V. for both Spelling & Grammatical Error and read it properly to pick up final mistakes if any.


2.     Unprofessional Email Id-  In some cases, people use unprofessional Email Id like - on the resume which builds the negative image in the mind of the recruiter. So, don't use these types of unprofessional Email ID on your C.V. & Form a new Professional Email Id.


3.     The photograph on C.V. –  When you put your photographs on your C.V. then make sure you should be well dressed (Professionally Dressed) with a proper gesture & posture in the photograph.


4.      Inconsistent formatting -  The Formatting of C.V. is as important as its content. Once you pick a format, stick to it & follow with the same format throughout the rest of the C.V.


5.     Irrelevant Information-  Recruiter wants relevant information in a precise manner on your C.V. rather than detailed & irrelevant information. So you should keep in your mind that the information should be relevant and match with the job profile.


6.     Excessive word Repetition-   Excessive word Repetition shows poor written Communication. Firstly read your C.V. in a proper manner & If required then restructure the sentences and replace alternative words in place of overused terms.


7.     False Information-  Some people try to strengthen their using false information, But we must always remember that the Recruiter is very smart to judge the candidate. So, don't put incorrect information in your C.V.


8.     Poor File naming-  When you email your resume, the document that you attached in the mail should have a suitable name otherwise it looks as an unprofessional Behaviour.


9.     Salary Requirement / Detail-  The purpose of C.V is to provide point & sharp information to the recruiter and to secure the job interviews. Money does not come into the equation at this stage.


10.   Reasons for leaving a job-  Recruiters don't want to see the reasons for leaving every job in the resume. If a recruiter asks then tell them otherwise don't mention in your C.V.


There are numerous numbers of mistakes that we do while writing the C.V. but if we consider these points then it is easier to make our C.V. strong.