The term QR Code is used for the quick response code. It is a new generation technology which gets the information within seconds. QR code is a two-dimensional barcode with a square shape that can be read or scan using by smart phones, laptops, tablets and QR code reader device. QR Code can link directly to the information like emails, articles, websites, videos, audios and other information.


How QR Code help us in Education?


A teacher can use QR code Technology in teaching learning process by sharing subject related information and others which are beneficial for the students. Now-a-days most of the students have their own smartphones, laptops, tablets by that they can scan QR Codes within a second.


Some Benefits of This Technology in Education are as below:


§  By using QR Codes, there is no need to print long assignments/articles; it gives direct and easy access to the same resources in class and at home. QR technology saves time and paper too.


§  QR codes are very easy to generate by using the QR generating software.


§  QR codes can be printed on virtually anything like Paper, textile, wall; it can be even used like tattoo on skin.


A teacher can enhance students learning skills by using QR technology. We can see some of the following ways given down below:


§  QR codes can be put on library books linking out the information about the books and authors.


§  QR codes can be used on assignment sheets that link out the source of help.


§  Students can use QR codes to link outsources, they use for their projects and research papers.


§  By generating QR code a teacher can provide information throughout the classroom to access online videos, website related to curriculum.


§  QR codes can be attached to the classroom timetable, monthly planner to point out the information about the upcoming class, events & assignments.


There are many other ways where we can use QR codes. This is why QR codes are becoming a famous tool in the current education system. They combined speed, ease, and quality with the capacity to hold a large amount of Data.