The Brand is the face of the company. Due to the increasing competition, every company wants to differentiate itself from its competitors. Therefore, the main aim of the company is to build a strong brand image in the mind of its customers. For this purpose, companies hire a person who manages the crucial asset of the company i.e.- it’s BRAND. Every company wants to build a strong brand name in the market. A strong brand increases profitability builds customer loyalty and provides protection in difficult economic circumstances.


Behind every successful brand, there is a brand manager and the company pays a handsome amount to the brand manager; thus Brand Management has become a rewarding career. In most of the companies, the brand manager is responsible for leading the strategic planning process which ranges from market research, product development, to managing the brands of Company.


If you want to opt Brand Management as a career then MBA in marketing will greatly increase your chances of getting a job in this area. That being said most Brand Management jobs require a Bachelor degree and some previous experience in a Marketing role, usually as a Junior Brand Manager, Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Assistant.


Another great way to increase your chances of getting a job in the field of brand management is to become a member of professional associations. In North America, some of the most popular Marketing and Brand Management associations include the American Marketing Association, the Canadian Marketing Association and the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. The benefits of joining such associations include obtaining access to a wide variety of resources that will allow you to stay updated on latest trends & technologies in the market, benefiting from new networking opportunities and obtaining professional certification that will increase your credibility in this field.