Every profession has a set of principles, ethics, responsibilities, guidance, and norms to guide the conduct and behavior of its profession. Similarly, in teaching as a profession, there are various guidelines, principles, norms of morality, accountability which a teacher has to follow in teaching profession while dealing with his/ her students, stakeholders, and community. Every teacher needs to follow these principles and should be accountable for his/her profession.


Teaching profession is considered an important and respectable profession as it is different from other professions because of its multitude of dimensions. The teacher is the key person on whom the future of the children and mankind depends. They work as the torchbearer of the learning society. They foster creative thinking, develop skills and instill a desire for lifelong learning among students. Therefore a teacher has to be realistic, committed, reflective and accountable to the profession.


For the Quality Education, the teachers need to be professionally equipped with various skills, teaching competencies, commitment, determination, and accountability. Accountability on the part of the teacher is very important. It is a measure of the teacher’s dedication to his/her job.


The expected teacher’s behavior in the form of accountability is as follows:


  • A professionally accountable teacher must be excellent not only in the subject to be taught, but also understand the learning requirements of the students.


  • They should be caring about the students’ progress according to their ability.


  • They should help the students in acquiring knowledge, developing academic potential and always remain dedicated to shaping the students’ future through the process of teaching- learning.


  • Teachers can attain profession enrichment and excellence only by -adopting various methods and techniques, using new ideas in classroom situations of teaching and following the code of conduct.


  • They should devote their whole life to teaching-learning for the future of humanity and prosperity of the nation as their role is multidimensional and multifarious.


By following the above-mentioned points, a teacher can set examples for others. Hence, it can be said that quality education is dependent upon the teacher’s ethics and accountability towards his/her profession.


Therefore, a teacher should be committed and accountable towards the students, community, profession, and nation for their own as well as for the nation's growth.