We all are living in the world of technology. Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without it. It has become an integral part of our life. It has covered almost all areas of our life like education, entertainment, communication etc. As a part of the same, the use of mobile phones, computers, internet, tabs is increased. Every day many students carry mobile phones in the school and they submit their mobile phones at the reception counter in our school.


Many students and parents give the reason of safety for carrying mobile phones. But is it used only for the same purpose? Is it the only way for safety or communication? Many times students use headphones when they are on the way to school.  Is it not the misuse of technology? Can we find some more alternatives for the point of safety or communication or maybe some other reason for what children need to use mobile phones? Let’s think over it. What should we consider mobile phones as- assets or liability for the students? 


Now in the present scenario, what should be the asset of a student? Should it be His studies, his health or something else? What should be their focus on? In one of the current survey, it is found that many children are facing health problems like increasing stress level, chronic pain and problem in vision due to too much use of technology.  The use of mobile phones, tabs has become must for the students.  But do they use the same only for getting knowledge? As soon as we enter the school campus, we see many students with mobile phones and headphones. Some of them may be using it only for educational purpose but what about the total lot?  


Do we have some other sources? Can we use these sources to avoid the ill effects that the mobile phones are having on health? We need to think over this. Like mobile phones, internet, two wheelers are becoming must for the students.  Carrying vehicle is prestige for the student. I feel nowadays assets of the students are changing. In earlier days truth, honesty, politeness, sympathy, empathy were considered to be an asset of a person. Can technology replace these values? I feel every one of us as a student, as a parent, as a teacher need to think about this. Can we have some solutions for this?