MCA is one of the hottest career options available today! This is because after earning an MCA degree from a reputed Institute, there are plethora of job opportunities available in the market. However, the true dilemma begins after earning an MCA degree. This is because in reality there is such a wide scope of MCA in Government as well as Private sector, that students get confused which path to follow – whether to go for Software Engineering or Web Development or in Hardware and Networking?


Companies Hiring MCAs:

MCA post graduates are hired both by Government agencies NTPC, GAIL, BHEL, etc and private IT companies like Accenture, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, IBM, American Express, HCL, HP and so on. A Software Engineer can become a Lead, an Analyst, a Project Manager, a General Manager and so on. Initially MCA students are given a few weeks of training on the job before they get started on LIVE projects.


Career Opportunities after MCA:
After getting an MCA Degree, one can enter any of the following roles:


1. Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer:
Software Developers are responsible for designing, installing, Testing and maintaining the software systems.

2. Troubleshooter:
Troubleshooters are the lifeline of any organization. They make sure that the technology (hardware and software) is easily accessible to all those who require them.

3. System Analyst:
A system analyst is responsible to design innovative IT solutions to drive businesses and increase efficiency.

4. Software Application Architect:
The role of a Software Architect is to make high-level decisions in Architecture and design of IT products or services. They make use of several software architectural models to get their job done.


5. Software Consultant:
Consultancy is a very popular career option today. He can be self-employed or work for a consultancy firm.

6. Hardware Engineer:
Hardware engineers love working with computer hardware such as hard disk, wires, circuit boards, computer chips, printers, keyboards, routers, and so on.

7. Technical Writer:
Technical writer needs to write technical documents such as product description, User Guides/Manuals, Design specifications, White Papers, Project Plan and so on.


8. Systems Developer/Engineer:
Systems developers are involved in writing codes and designing programs for operating systems and other software.


9. Web Designer and Developer:
A Web Designer/Developer is responsible for designing and developing websites.


10. Starting a new Venture:
After completing MCA, one can also start his/her own venture after getting some experience in the field of interest. For instance, you can start a computer education firm or an IT solution company or a hardware related start-up.

                                                                                                                                                                                        MCA is in Demand!