Finance as a discipline involves the management, control, and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working.


The students always think that way to do MBA in Finance. There are some other specializations in MBA curriculum, then after what is the scope of finance. Actually;


It is the age of industrialization in all around the world. Many industries are being established in many countries. Finance is the way to establish an industry in a proper way in according to the money management of the building, run, money resources, and its proper collection.


This activity is called the Financial Management which is controlled by the Finance Manager.


A Person who is MBA in Finance means that he has completed an MBA with a major in Finance.


MBA in Finance is not an easy course; consider it as a training for one of the most liable roles in the world. Its really true as the Finance person will be handling the finances of the business and as everyone knows finances run an enterprise and the Finance Manager will be in charge of that. There is a number of opportunities for finance graduates and the reason for this charm is the various subjects taught to the students in the course of two years. They include corporate finance, budgeting, costing, international finance, investment & securities, and working capital management, Tax planning, Analysis and reporting of financial services.

“There are many job opportunities that are offered to the MBA (Finance) qualified person, both in the public as well as private sector”.


An MBA in Finance graduate has multiple opportunities waiting around, all he needs to do is identify and grab it. This is because of the different and unique skill set he possesses. There are multiple careers in financial consultancies, financial institutions, and banks. To be more specific, a finance graduate can get into areas like merchant banking, investment, and consumer banking, international finance, corporate finance, and institutional finance.


Finance MBA can work in the banking and non-banking sectors. You can work anywhere in the corporate world. Every industry has a need for a financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital.


The students, who have done the MBA in finance, have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector. He/she can be a part of the stock market, top-notch organization, finance ministry, and related organizations. Besides an MBA finance with CA can run his own business.

Jobs after Completing MBA in Finance

• Accounting Manager

• Financial Auditor

• Management Accountant

• Chief Financial Officers

• Cash Managers

• Manager Consultants

• Investment Banking Associates

• Credit Managers & Specialists

• Financial Analyst

• Corporate Controllers

• Finance Officers & Treasurers

• Insurance & Risk Managers

• Investment Bankers

• Investing Sales Traders & Associates


If we talk about the money, majorly the pay scale depends on the business school from where you are graduated. The greater the reputation of the b-school, better the pay package, also the financial guys have always got the rewarding pay package even better than the marketing and HR guys. Top MBA colleges in India like IIMs, ISBs and the likes provide financial students with placements at an average of 10 - 15 lakhs per annum, quite a good salary for a fresher.


An MBA in Finance opens up the business world to graduates in a plethora of various financial fields. Salaries will depend upon the graduate's chosen specialty, what kind of institution he works at, and the areas of responsibility. Hence, being one of the most lucrative career options, the young minds are actually grabbing the courses in Finance.