In today’s scenario it is very essential for management students to have communication skills. Fluency in communication too has become a part of our lifestyle. Grooming sessions must be organised for students with proper training sessions. The students must themselves also attempt to enhance their skills by participating at various events which will help them to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Efficient communication is prerequisite in the field of management. According to a survey carried out by Job Outlook states that organizations hire those individuals who can work with variety of personality types, and verbal communication accounts for 70 percent of a worker’s contribution in the company. Communicating clearly and concisely with people is the only way to minimize mistakes and inefficiencies that come from miscommunication. It defines how the people around you perceive you and therefore your relationship with them.

IPEM is one of the best college in terms of infrastructure, placement and exposure. IPEM gives various platforms to its students for enhancing their communication skills. Many cultural as well as academic events take place at the institute. These events helps to enhance the personality and growth of the students making them all-around achievers.