Industrial Visit is the most important part of professional education like - Management, Engineering courses etc...  During the industrial visit, students get the insight of the internal environment of the companies and analyze the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. It helps to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. The main objective of the industrial visit is to make the students aware about the working Environment, Working Methods, Employment practices.


Theoretical knowledge is a part of the curriculum but for a successful career, it is necessary for the students to have practical exposure of Industry. The practical working is entirely different from the classroom study. So, the biggest challenge for the management students is to enhance the learning process with practical exposure. Following the same lines, IPEM Group of Institutions provide the practical exposure to the Management Students by arranging various industrial visits in different companies like – Parley Agro, Mother dairy, Coca-Cola, Bata etc. so that the students can gain in-depth knowledge about the field of their interest, helping them make the correct career in future as well as this practice helps the students to analyse the situations practically and take the decisions accordingly.


IPEM Institute also organises various corporate Guest lectures, Case study based learning, workshops, seminar & conferences, Alumni lectures for the management students for improving the level of understanding,  Decision making and taking the corrective action. The Industrial Visit enables the students to apply their classroom learning to a real-life situation while being mentored by a variety of industry experts. In addition to Industrial Exposure and Practical Knowledge, this increases the internship as well as placement opportunities.