Bachelor of Legislative Laws (LLB) is an undergraduate degree programme that deals with the study of various types of laws such as Labour Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, and International Law, etc. LLB spans for 3 years (for graduates) or 5 years (for undergraduates) duration.


(B.A.LL.B) Syllabus:

                        First Year                      Second Year                         Third Year                           Fourth Year                           Fifth Year
  English-I   English-III   Jurisprudence-I   Company Law   Law of Evidence
 Sociology-I Political Science-II  Contract-II  Labour Law Criminal Procedure Code
  Political Science-I   Contract-I  Constitutional Law Interpretation of Statute Civil Procedure Code
  Economics-I Indian Legal & Constitutional History   Hindi Law Insurance Law Consumer Protection Law
 Indian History-I   Law & Media-I  Law of Crimes Professional Ethics   Moot Court
  English-II  Human Rights  Muslim Law

 Banking Law

 Land Laws

  Sociology-II General English-IV Transfer of Property Administrative Law Law of Taxation
  Economics-II Political Science-  IV International Law Intellectual Property Law  Cyber Laws
Political Science-II Indian History – II Environmental Law Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing  Indian Judicial System
  Law of Torts  Law & Media-II Jurisprudence-II Arbitration Conciliation &ADRs   Moot Court


LL.B Syllabus:

                                                 First Year

                                            Second Year

                                        Third Year
  Law of Torts   Administrative Law   Law of Evidence
  Law of Crimes   Muslim Law   Criminal Procedure Code
  Jurisprudence-I   Professional Ethics   Civil Procedure Code
  Constitutional Law-I   International Law   Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing 
  Contract Law-I   Transfer of Property (TPA)

  Land Law

  Jurisprudence-II   Company Law   Interpretation of Statute
  Constitutional Law-II   Labour Law   Legal Language
  Hindu Law   Environmental Law   Human Rights
  Contract Law-II   Criminology and Penology   Law relating to women & child
  Law of Taxation   Arbitration Conciliation &ADRs   Moot Court