Medical Negligence is on the rise and has become a reason for concern. Large numbers of such cases are coming to the court seeking redress of their grievances.  Today doctors are money minded and they keep dragging the patient and do not discharge the patient from hospital for as many days as they can to make money. Doctor-Patient relationship which is based on trust and faith has undergone a deep change. It has become a common practice, even if there is an emergency case the hospital first ask a certain amount of money to be deposited with the hospital to even start examining the patient otherwise they don’t even bother to provide first aid to the patient.


Furthermore, the ill-treatment or providing treatment of some other problem and not the one which is to be treated, aggravates the problem not only for the patient but for all those who are related to him. There are circumstances when the patient is treated for something else and when his/her condition deteriorates he/she is discharged by the doctor on account of lack of equipments and the patient is referred to some other hospital.