Dear Learners, software engineers have a good future in the IT field. However, mathematics is needed in computer applications. Whenever you do some programming at the time of logic building mathematics is needed, but it is not so tough.


 Mathematics in BCA course helps you to increase your logic in learning computer languages. This is not the main subject but as a subject only to help in increasing your logic. It is like salt in your favorite dishes.


It will help you in the understanding of more complex algorithms & build them in the computer technology.


 Apart from all these, Mathematics is an important subject. It helps you in cracking various entrance as well as competitive exams. If a candidate has mathematics then it will be easy for the candidate to clear the examination as much portion of the examination is covered by mathematics………..


For Example….


Uses of Rank…


 1) The rank of a matrix tells us the number of solutions of a system in Linear Equations.


2) In Control Theory the rank of a matrix can be used to determine whether a linear system is controllable or observable.


3) In the field of communication complexity, the rank of the communication matrices of a function gives bound on the amount of communication needed for two parties to complete the function.


Uses of Differential Equations….. 


1.     The electrical equipments we use are an outcome of a differential equation.


2.     In our daily life we ride a bike or a car, or any vehicle. The engineers have designed our vehicles systems using some sets of Differential Equations.


3.     We even use Differential Equation while crossing a road, we look at either side of the road & based on approaching vehicles speed we judge our steps to cross the road. It’s all in our mind and it is a result of Differential Equation.


4.     In medical science for modeling cancer growth or the spread of disease.


5.     In engineering for describing the movement of electricity.


6.     In chemistry for the modeling chemical reactions and to computer radioactive half life.


7.     In economics, mathematics helps us in finding optimum investment strategies.


In physics, it is used to describe the motion of waves, pendulums or chaotic system. It is also used in physics with Newton’s Second Law of Motion and the Law of Cooling.