We know people who are good at managing their emotions. They don't get irritated in difficult situations. Rather, they have the capability to face the problem patiently and find a solution. They take criticism decently.


Such People generally have a high degree of emotional intelligence. They know themselves very well, and they're also capable of judging the emotional needs of others.
People with high emotional intelligence are found to be successful in most things they do. As they make others feel happy, they go through life much more easily than people who are easily angered or upset. And so, they're the ones that others want in their team.


It is necessary to understand other’s emotions; inorder to know what it is that will make them highly-functioning and lead them to succeed. As a person, we tend to be highly emotional and social creatures. Being emotionally intelligent will help us in creating bonding with others, increasing our performance at work, improving our communication skills, help us become stronger, and much more. It turns out that having a high level of emotional intelligence will make us successful in just about every aspect of our life!


How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence


The positive thing is that emotional intelligence can be learned


• Try to put yourself in other’s place , and be more broadminded in accepting their perspectives and needs.


• Humility can be a good quality, and it should not mean that you're shy or lack self-confidence. When you practice humility, you say that you know what you did, and you can be quietly confident about it.


• Examine how you react to difficult situations. The art of staying calm and in control in difficult situations is highly valued – in the business world and outside it. Keep your emotions under control when things go against you.


• Take responsibility for your actions. If you hurt someone's feelings, apologize directly – don't ignore what you did and do not avoid the person. People are usually more willing to forgive and forget if you make an honest attempt to make things right.


• Examine how your actions will affect others – before you take those actions. If your decision will affect others, put yourself in their shoes. How will they feel if you do this? Would you want that experience? If you must take the action, how can you help others deal with the effects?


Although "regular" intelligence is important to success in life, emotional intelligence is key to relating well to others and achieving your goals. Many people believe that it is at least as important as regular intelligence, and many companies now use emotional intelligence testing to hire new staff.