At present, education is included in the Concurrent List of the Constitution of India. It is a public work, and the central and state governments are responsible for making provisions for it, however, the fact remains that the joint effort of Union and State government has not resulted into a proper system. People’s cooperation was being sought even before, and some self-financed educational institutions were given recognition at pre-primary, primary and secondary educational level; but in the past few years steps have been taken to self- finance even higher education, and any type of self- finance higher educational institution are being given recognition freely.


Now, the government is also recognizing self-financing universities too. The scholar’s opinion is that of the privatization of Higher Education, but the government does not think so.


There are two opinions regarding recognition of self -finance educational institution at the higher level. In March 2003 when the Vidyarthi Parishad held a demonstration before the Parliament opposing recognition to self – financed higher education Institutions, and thus privatizing higher education, the then Prime Minister, who was also the human resource development Minister then, assured them that the government had no intention of privatizing Higher Education. Some scholar does not consider it privatization of Higher Education. They argue that when self-financed higher educational institution is established they are recognized by the government agencies, their curriculum is constructed by government Agencies how can it then be called privatization of education!


In sum, we can conclude that privatization of Higher Education has resulted into decrease pressure for admission in Government Higher educational institutions, but higher education has become so expensive as to fall outside the capacity of common income people. As the standard of higher education in our country is lower than most of the other countries, and it has fallen for the due to privatization of Higher Education.