With the changing demand of industries value-added program is a must for the management students in the current scenario not only for the jobs but also for the long-term growth & development of the students. Value-added program act as a bridge which fills the gap between the formal education and the industry demands. 
The value added program is introduced for holistic development of students through academic flexibility. These types of programs should be floated throughout the year for the students of Business Management.
For bridging this gap, IPEM Group of Institutions has launched various Value Added courses viz. “HR Generalist and Compliance Course", “Digital Marketing” and “Financial Modeling and Valuation”, Employability skills enhancement program (ESEP), imparting knowledge of Accounting software like Tally ERP9, SAP, advanced Excel with MIS.
The main purpose of these programs is to prepare the students for practical & professional knowledge with relevant certifications to provide better employment opportunities. The institute offers a bouquet of programs to the students with options to choose as per their career aspirations. In the field of business management & it is designed according to the specialization like-
Value Addition on International Business: It covers International Trade Procedures & Documentation, Global Operations, and Supply Chain Management. 
Value addition on Financial Management: It covers the latest updates of financial markets, preparation and execution of National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) modules and financial planning tools & techniques, various software packages –Tally.ERP9, Advance Excel with MIS. 
Value addition to Marketing: It covers the contemporary terms and issues of marketing including latest marketing techniques, digital marketing, service marketing and other challenges. 
Value addition on Economics: It is based on studying the economic fluctuations and its impact on the progress of the country. The module focuses on latest upheavals and policies designed to uplift and elevates the economic condition of the country. 
Value addition to Human Resource Management: It covers the cultural awareness of the workforce, International HRM, Employee Engagement, Competency Mapping, and Employment Law, Dealing with attitude problems in the workplace. 
Value addition on Management Updates: It covers the Affiliate Marketing, Blue Ocean Strategies, Latest Performance Appraisal practices in the Industries, Understanding the business plan, Corporate Communication and its importance, Personal branding and its importance in career planning, Connected Managers-The Technology diffusion at the workplace.