Teaching is a process which takes place in the classroom and is performed by a teacher as a task. In the classroom, teaching depends upon how the teacher performs his/her duties.


In the light of above-mentioned point - a Teacher as a Manager performs four types of responsibilities to manage and execute learning as a means for completing the task of teaching.


The four types of responsibilities in order to establish the role of a Teacher as a Manager are:


Planning the process of Teaching- The teacher has to determine and define the objectives, plan the curriculum in a sequence and also include the selection of teaching aids for teaching under this responsibility.



Organization of Teaching- In this phase, teaching-learning conditions are developed in order to achieve objectives, keeping in view the individual differences of the students.


Teaching Students- In this stage, the teacher encourages students, supervises their functions and provides necessary guidance for achieving the objectives.


Controlling part of Teaching- It is the most difficult task for a teacher. In this last task, the teacher prepares a test and evaluates all the students according to the objectives.


Therefore, we can conclude that with the help of these duties a Teacher can make the teaching-learning process effective and become successful as a Manager.