No teacher wants to be labeled -“outdated” or “obsolete”. The moment teachers become outdated they cease to stay relevant and fail to connect with their students. Teachers who are outdated start feeling that they are unwanted and unfit to be teachers.


In order to connect with the students, the teachers need to keep themselves updated so that they can match up with the continuously evolving technology. The teachers will have to change their ways of teaching according to the needs and abilities of their students.


 “If you need knowledge, keep adding something new to your mind every day, but if you need wisdom keep deleting negative things form your mind every day.”


At many organizations, employees are required to possess new skill sets by re-skilling and up-skilling themselves. This feature applies to the teaching community as well. Every day we hear the advent of some new technology which either positively or negatively affects our professions. The terms up-skilling, re-skilling, down-skilling are the latest buzzwords at workplaces including industries and companies and soon these terms may become hot buzzwords in academia too. All new technologies demand new skills. What new skills do teachers need to learn in the digital age?  


Here are some ideas for teachers to enhance their supplementary skills:


1. Enhance your computer literacy and proficiency in using technology for academic purposes.

2. Learn to integrate technology into your teaching- Videos and PowerPoint presentations etc.

3. Have your presence on social media- Twitter/Facebook etc.

4. Become part of a professional group and be aware of the trends in your field.Let your mission statement include these two terms: re-skilling and up-skilling.