Time management is the most important factor that works for the success of highly successful people. Each and every person has 24 hrs in a day but how one manages that time, is dependent upon person to person.


There are some people who do a lot of work and then also manage to have sufficient time to enjoy; on the other hand, there are some people who always complain about not having sufficient time. This is not a matter of the shortage of time; it’s all about the management of time. Therefore, the success of any person does not only depend upon the hard work; it depends upon how efficiently and effectively one manages the time. 



If we look at the data relating to the business world, published by O.K. Consulting- 54% of executives work more than ten hours a day, 71% of workers usually take their work home, 75% of workers relive their job in their dreams, 64% suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia due to time constraints at work, 61% have already canceled or postponed their vacation several times due to pressure at work, and 74% of executives feel they do not have time for their family. This is the scenario of the business world. Time management is, therefore, an important key to lead a successful and well as less stressful life.


Successful people in the world attribute their success to effective time management activities which they do in their routine life. So, if we distribute our time according to the work priorities then it helps us to reduce the wastage of time and energy and also to do the right thing at the right time which will result in increasing the productivity & efficiency which is the crucial part of the journey of success for any person.



In order to lead a successful life, we should keep the following points in our mind:


  • Must Define Goals: We must define our goals by writing them down at a place where we can take a glance at them frequently; we must also define our goals along with the deadlines- this helps in keeping us under a time-constraint.


  • Prioritise: Everything is not as important as it may seem at first. So we must do the work according to the priorities. The golden rule of time management is- completing high priority tasks first.


Planning and Schedule: one must prepare daily, weekly, and monthly schedules of activities so that one can start the new day with clearly scheduled activities.