Employability skills are very important because the market is intensely becoming competitive and employers in private as well as public sector are looking for people who are flexible, take initiative and have the ability to undertake a variety of tasks in different environments.


Basically, employability skills are the skills which help the individual to make him/her employable. Along with good technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers often outline a set of skills that they want from an employee.

The top in-demand employability skills are as follows:


Computer Skills:


In today’s professional workplace, the employer expects that the candidate should be computer literate. Thus, the knowledge of computer skills is the demand of the present time and there is no other way to ignore it.


Communication Skills:


The candidate must be able to communicate effectively, which includes speaking, listening and writing skills. Without effective communication skills, a candidate cannot survive in the corporate world.  


Team Work:


To increase the chances of employability, a candidate has to prove himself/herself as a leader and possess the ability to manage and delegate to others. Candidate must use an example of building positive relationships to help everyone to achieve a common goal.


Willingness to Learn:


 Learning is an endless process, therefore, every employer expects that the candidate should always be open and eager to learn new skills at work.  


Problem Solving Skill:


In this competitive business environment, every day is a challenge for the organization. So every employer expects from their employees that they should have problem-solving skills and have the ability to take the right decision at the right time.


From the above-mentioned points, we can understand that a Degree is important at the entry level but a candidate should have the ability to cope-up with the change and adapt quickly to a new environment and people.