In today’s scenario, MBA is one of the most aspired academic careers in India. Every year more than 10 lakh students appear for MBA entrance examinations. However, most of the students are aware about only a handful of specializations like- MBA in Marketing, MBA in Human Resource (HR), MBA in Finance.


New and upcoming specializations in MBA like Hospital Management, Petroleum Management, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Digital Marketing, Cyber security, Big Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Forex Management, Risk Management Analyst, are the few options which will be in demand in the near future.
Here, is the list of some new specializations which will provide great scope for MBA students:


1. MBA in Entrepreneurship: This is one of the most growing sectors of MBA, because nowadays, people are more interested in setting up their own business or venture rather than doing job. These entrepreneurial programs are very helpful not only for business founders (start-ups) but also for venture capitalist, investors etc..

2. MBA in Real Estate:With increasing number of infrastructure projects, introduction of new pattern of housing, the real estate industry has grown like never before. Therefore the demand for talented & trained real estate managers in the market is increasingly rising.

3. MBA in Communication & Public Relations:Communication skills are highly necessary for each and every person. Media Houses, Advertisement Agencies, Public Relation Firms provide excellent career opportunities for the students of MBA in Communication & Public Relations.

4. MBA in Hospital Management: With increasing health awareness among people, health care industry is booming across the globe. Nowadays, hospitals too require efficient Managers with strong finance & marketing knowledge who are always updated with advance technology.

5. MBA in Strategy Management: Competition is increasing day by day, therefore it is very difficult for the organizations to survive in this dynamic environment. Every business organization needs a young visionary leader, Business plan developer, Corporate Strategic planner for coping up with the changing laws, accounting, financial, and economic challenges, technological changes, organizational and socio cultural issues, and domestic and international trends. Thus, Strategic Management is a field which will provide you with the skills which will take you to the top of your organization.

MBA programs have been offering training and skills in the traditional areas of business function for a very long time. In the past few years, various new branches of specializations have emerged in Indian market. These new areas of specializations will not only improve the skills of a candidate but will also enhance employment opportunities for him/her.