E-Learning has become an important part of our education system and has changed the way we view teaching as a whole. With the advancement of technology, the way of teaching is quite changed and the focus has been shifted towards the quality of education.  


Usage of technology enables to create interest among students.  E-Learning in today’s generation has refined the core aspects of teaching and has made educational institutes to perform more efficiently.


In the past, emphasis was given only to the classroom teaching but now we use technology for the advancement of our education system. Therefore, for improving the standards of the education system and growth and development of the students we need to adopt the modern education system. The levels of improvement depends upon the way technology is infused into teaching methods as well as the design of instruction technology which helps to provide an easier medium for the students to learn.


With time, educational institutes began implementing various technologies like Flipped Classroom, Simplified Presentations, etc. into their lectures and realized the increase in productivity and interaction of their students which proves that the advancing technologies have greatly improved our educational system and our way of teaching. As per the survey, the merging of education and modern technology positively affects a student’s achievements as compared to a traditional classroom.