From conventional television advertisements in the 1950s to today's YouTube, Snapchat and even Facebook Live, it's no confidential that video has become a necessity of our everyday routine.

While being suitable and coherent for the consumer, video marketing provides marketers with a handsome, adaptable, and widely shareable medium to reach their audiences.

Companies need a video marketing plan which though is not new. What has changed is how important actually video has become.

• It’s not just about a part of the overall marketing plan. It’s important for coverage and campaigning efforts.

• Video has absolutely overpowered social media.

• Video production is more cost-effective — one can shoot in the high-quality, 4K video with your smartphone.

Developing and sustaining trust with a customer makes them more likely to be loyal towards brands. Trust is the basic element that affects nearly every purchasing decision of a customer. Video Marketing helps in developing the trust of customers towards brands. Most of the companies believe their video marketing campaign is producing solid ROI.

Developing real links with your audience is important for driving loyalty and a credible brand reputation. Whether it’s an educational how-to video or something that tugs at their emotions, consumers will appreciate these types of videos over ones that are aggressively salesy.

Whatever the way it is, companies should strive to make a genuine connection to bring the video and brand to life. The entire content should be targeted around something deeper than a sale. Ensure that brand message is clearly conveyed through the video and aligns with the brand’s values.

With a large amount of video content that exists, one must provide an incredibly creative and unique video that cuts through the noise. Or else, it’ll get lost in the crowd. When creating the video strategy, companies should consider creating unconventional content that draws the audience in and leaves long-lasting impressions.

They should Avoid being overly self-promotional and make sure one craft the right message for the audience. If companies can’t resonate with or relate to the video in the first few seconds, they’ll more than likely exit from it.

Today, Video marketing is the essential component of promotional strategy and soon it will be the most followed up medium by the corporate world.