Cloud computing as a concept has been around for a long time, and it’s constantly evolving nature has given way to big growth relevance in terms of industry penetration and job growth. Every enterprise whether it is big or small across the world, cloud computing has the potential to cuts costs and improve efficiencies through virtualization and a range of managed services and automation.


In 2018 alone, the cloud industry market has been had a remarkable growth from the previous year. At this rate of growth, the coming years are bound to see an increase in job opportunities for skilled professionals.


Almost every company today needs to maintain some kind of cloud infrastructure to maintain all their data, and there’s a whole army of experienced professionals that keep the cloud show running. Let’s take a look at how these roles contribute to the cloud environment, and what kind of skills you’ll need to thrive in these roles.


There are two main roles describe:


Cloud Engineer & Cloud Devops Engineer

A Cloud Engineer needs to manage existing cloud infrastructure, create new infrastructure for new applications, migrate existing application components to one or more cloud platforms, and automate cloud operations using Infrastructure as Code techniques while monitoring, reporting, fixing and optimizing all cloud resources and processes.

A cloud-native app developer is skilled at designing and building microservices based modular applications that leverage the many benefits of Cloud, Devops, Automation, Cloud Design Patterns, Micro services base architectural practices and Server less.


There are other job opportunities in cloud industry:


Cloud Presales Consultant

This is not a completely technical role but the job of a Cloud presales consultant requires significant understanding of cloud platforms and services, apart from having a having an understanding of the features and benefits of technical products.


Cloud Architect

The role of the Cloud Architect is to design, build and create reliable global scale cloud systems, (app and infrastructure) for their organizations or customers. It’s a senior role which requires a multitude of technology and business skills.