B.C.A and as well as B.Sc. IT, both are technical courses that can offer a wonderful career to Students. These courses can provide a better job in the field of Computer Applications and Information Technology sectors. In present everything is computerized and companies are trying to come out with more new applications so students of these courses also have access to many job opportunities.


What is BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications


Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A) is a three years course in the field of computer applications. This is an undergraduate course. In these three years, there are six semesters of six months each. In the last semester as part of the projection, Every student needs to work with an organization for at least four to six weeks. After the project work, they have to submit it to the College for internal evaluation.

BCA course can provide great professional knowledge in programming languages like C, C++, and Java, etc. They can also provide varied knowledge in the field of financial accounting and operation management.

In today’s scenario, each and every sector is computerized and students find it easier to grab an opportunity in this area. An IT student can start this career as a junior programmer. After gaining sufficient experience, he can get into as a senior programmer or project manager. Apart from programming, he can go for other professions such as database users, web designers, system administrators, etc.


What is B.Sc. IT or Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.


B.Sc. IT (Information Technology) is also a three - year under-graduate program. In this course, students are skilled to perform well in computer applications and Software. This course aims to offer superior knowledge in core subjects like operating systems, data structure and database applications. In common, the computer science degree program tends to focus on the mathematical analytics and theoretical foundation of computing rather than emphasizing specific technology


Difference between B.C.A and B.Sc. IT


BCA students are concerned more in Computer Applications whereas B.Sc. IT students can have advanced job opportunities in internet technology and database management.

After successful completion of the course BCA, students can go for further postgraduate courses like M.Sc. (IT), MCA and MBA. The students who procured B.Sc. IT can have a further course on MCA (Master of Computer Applications).


Which Course is better?


Both of these courses have their own merits. Students fascinated to have a job in Software or in computer applications can choose to study BCA. BCA program is also a good option for students, who wish to take a post-graduate degree in MCA. Students who are willing to do the job in Database operations or the Internet can go for B.Sc. IT. Anyway, both of these courses can offer challenging jobs in the field of computers.