BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) is one of the best undergraduate course to start a career in Development, Management and much more.
Candidates who wish to pursue BCA course must fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria.

• Pass in 10+2 examination in any stream from a recognized board of education.

• English as a subject of study.

• A minimum aggregate score of 45% at the 10+2 level.

Some colleges prefer students from Science stream or those who have studied Mathematics and Computer Science at 10+2 level.

Although BCA is a technical and professional degree, but if you focus on its syllabus, you will found BCA is non-technical degree. BCA doesn’t trained in a particular specialization.
By all these terms, here raised a problem “What to do after BCA”.

Though you have done your BCA and you got the good marks, but what to do now.
So, I discussed some career Opportunities after BCA.


1. Government Job:- You can prefer a Government job, you can prepare for any of the government job (UPSC, CDS, SSC, Railway, Teaching etc.). Even you can go for a technical job in government organization like BSNL MLNL etc.

2. Private Job:- You can also prefer private jobs. As we discussed BCA is not a technical degree, there is no specialization by its syllabus. These all terms will affect the salary, means in private job after BCA, salary will not too much.

3. Freelancer:- Freelancer is also doing job but he/she is self employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employee long-term.
Though in BCA you don’t study more in any particular specialization, but we while we pursuing BCA, we can choose a course in which we interested to make your specialization like (web development, android development, software development etc.).

You should work and focus on your specialization for becoming a Freelancer.


4. Teaching:- This option can be best for you, if you are interested to teach. In India, there are no more good Teachers for IT. Hence, India requires a good teacher of Computer Language.
In teaching, you have two choices:


  1. Government Teacher:- If you prefer the government job as a Teacher. You will have two option:

      School level:- For becoming the school teacher, you have to pass the B.Ed. Exam.     

      College level:-For becoming a College Teacher, you have to further study, prepare and pass NET Exam.

  2. Private Teacher:-This option provides more choices; we can teach as a tutor, can open a coaching center, and can also apply for the teacher in private Colleges.


5. Job + Degree:- It means you will do job and also do further study. Here you can join a nob and will study in other time. But you have to work hard for it.
Some Companies gives the opportunity to job+Study, Some Mentioned below:

  1. WASE Program:- It is provided by Wipro Company, which gives you the opportunity to do a good job with study. In WASE Program you do M. Tech in 4 years. And here you hove to sign the bond for 4 years.

  2. Ignite Program:- It is provided by TCS which also give the opportunity to study with job. In ignite program you do MCA in 3 year. TCS says your job will be safe even you will fail in MCA.

6. MBA:- MBA(Master of Business Administration), we learn more about organization and management in BCA. So, we can also prefer an MBA.
MBA is a post graduate degree that helps the student to become experts in managing the business.

MCA:-MCA(Master of Computer Application) is the best option, In BCA we don’t study or gain more knowledge in any specialization. So, we should choose further study.

                                                 BCA + MCA = B.Tech

Means after MCA, we can get knowledge same to the B. Tech student and can apply in a company where a B. Tech student can apply.
Here we should prefer the good college because at the time of placement college matted more.