Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and interrelated programmes at UG level offers a wide-range understanding of business and management functions. These courses also help students to gain knowledge of leadership qualities and develop their problem solving abilities which are much requisite in today’s competitive and diverse business environment. BBA degree offers fundamental education in management and business principles. BBA students can focus on an extensive variety of areas such as computer information system, economics, Finance, International business, and marketing.


 Significance of BBA:


  • Improved salary packages at the early stage of Study.


  • Better Job Opportunities can be the major reason for doing BBA.


  • Larger Perspective of Business World is another advantage of the course. Students acquire management skills at very early stage.


  • BBA gives easier right of entry to an MBA.



  • More Time to learn Management concepts


  • BBA helps You Think more specifically on different Aspects of Administering a Business.