Communication Club

Faculty Coordinators

  • Dr. Dolly Phillips (Convenor) - Mgt Dept.
  • Ms. Ritu Saxena (Member) - Mgt Dept.
  • Ms. Supriya Sharma (Member) - IT Dept.
  • Ms. Roli Pathak (Member) - Law Dept.
  • Dr. Neeta Garg (Member) - CTE Dept.

Students from Management Department:

  • Sunidhi (B.com- 3rd Year)- 8375970887
  • Priyanka (BBA-3rd Sem)- 8882128960
  • Megha Juyal (BBA- 3rd Sem)- 9560393857
  • Anuj (BBA-3rd Sem)-8299193269

Students from CTE Department:

  • Anjali Bhanot (B.Ed 2nd year)- 8851221417
  • Neha (B.Ed 2nd year) 9821035118

Communication is the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. However it is said to be effective only when the message is understood and when it stimulates action or encourage the receiver to think in new ways. The main objective of the communication club is to hone the communication & presentation skills of the students of IPEM and contribute to their personality development.


  • To provide students the opportunity for participation in various kinds of activities which involve different modes of communication at different levels.
  • To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to organize and manage through individual clubs.
  • To develop their personalities by exposure to different kind of audience and platforms with each event.
  • To provide an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular activity.

Head Boy & Head Girl

  • Rishabh Nawani (BBA – 5th Sem) - 7303190264
  • Radhika Kumari (BBA- 5th Sem)- 8826486547

Student from Computer Application Department:

  • Honesh (BCA-5th Sem)- 9368715751
  • Kritika (BCA -3rd Sem)- 90059 26575

Student from Law Department:

  • Ms Komal Sharma (LLB 4th Sem)- 7017429675