Computer-Applications Club

Faculty Coordinators

  • Mr. Kuldeep Kumar (Member)
  • Mr. Pankaj Sharma (Member)
  • Mr. Mohit Kumar Bharti (Member)
  • Mr. Neeraj Nagar (Member-Law Dept.)

Head Boy & Head Girl

  • Ashutosh (BCA – 5th Sem) Batch (2020-23)
  • Shivani (BCA – 5th Sem) Batch (2020-23)

Students from CTE Department:

  • Yadav (B.Ed 2nd Year) Batch (2021-23)
  • Prachi Pal Singh (B.Ed 2nd Year) Batch (2021-23)

To build the confidence, enhance the technical skills of the Students and to motivate them for more participation in Various Activities conducted by IPEM Group of Institutions, the IT Club has been constituted. As the technology now a days has become the backbone of every event which include Presentations, Videography, Photography, Animation etc. Thus, the aim of this IT Club is provide the Technical Support for all activities organized at IPEM and making the Students equipped with new technology trends.


  • To provide students the opportunity for participation in various kinds of activities which involve different modes of Information Technology at different levels.
  • To provide an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular activity.
  • To develop analysis skills by providing opportunities for students to organize and manage through individual clubs.
  • To develop their programming by exposure to different kind of softwares and platforms with each operating system.

Student from Management Department

  • Arnav Chaudhary (BBA 5th Sem) Batch (2020-23)
  • Simran Soni (BBA 5th Sem) Batch (2020-23)

Student from Computer Application Department:

  • Robin Kumar (BCA – 3rd Sem) Batch (2021-24)
  • Jay shree (BCA – 3rd Sem) Batch (2021-24)

Student from Law Department:

  • Ms Vanshika Pandey(LLB 6th sem)