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Scouts And Guide Camp 11th Feb 2019 to 15th Feb 2019

Centre for Teacher Education of I.P.E.M group of institution organized Scout & Guide camp from 11thFeb 2019 to 15thFeb 2019 in two Groups (Group A and Group B) for the B.Ed session 2017-19 students and D.El.ED students of session 2017-19 (3rd Semester). Group A had 115 students (Roll No. 1-115) of B.Ed 2017-19 session (B.Ed 2nd Year) had 67 students (Roll No. 116-182) of B.Ed session 2017-19 (2nd Year) and 45 students of D.El.ED Session 2017-19 (3rd Semester). Overall 227 students had participated in the camp. The camp was organized as per the following schedule:-

BATCH 1 11thFeb-12th Feb 2019 & 15th Feb 2019 B.ED 2017-19 (2ND YEAR) 115 (Roll No.1-115)
BATCH 2 13thFeb-14th Feb 2019 & 15th Feb 2019 B.ED 2017-19 (2ND YEAR).
D.El.Ed 2017-19
67 (Roll No.116-182)
total 227

The camp was organized under the guidance of Mr. Shyam Singh (District Commissioner, Bharat Scout & Guide). The camp continued for 5 days in which the students got to learn many ways to cope up with some adverse circumstances. The students were indeed enlightened to learn about different knots, Tent Pitching, First Aid, Pyramids, make stretchers etc. The camp was closed on 15th February 2019 with the investiture ceremony. On the closing ceremony, the students showcased their vivacious talents by displaying variety of Pyramids, Minars and Stretchers, Tent Pitching, Cooking variety of dishes in Community Lunch and cultural activities performed by them. They showed a message of Unity in Diversity of India by making colorful tents using bed sheets and dupattas. Warli Painting Activity was judged by Prof Sugandha Goel (Dean Academics IPEM). Sandhya won the 1st Prize, Varsha won the 2nd Prize and Shalu won the 3rd Prize in Warli Painting Activity. Umbrella Painting Activity was judged by Col. (Dr.) A.S. Malhotra (Director General IPEM). Kusum Lata won the 1st Prize, Neetu won the 2nd Prize and Chanchal won the 3rd Prize in Umbrella Painting Activity. Tent pitching activity was judged by Prof Sugandha Goel (Dean Academics IPEM) and Dr. Nishi Sharma (Principal, CTE),Dr.ManojChauhan and Dr.ShwetaTyagi, both Assistant Professor CTE. The criteria for judging tent pitching event was uniform, presentation, tent, tent gadgets and decoration. Lion Warriors Toli representing Chattisgarh State won the first prize for Tent Pitching Activity. Community Lunch Activity was judged by Prof Sugandha Goel (Dean Academics IPEM) and Dr. Nishi Sharma (Principal, CTE). The evaluators appreciated the combined efforts of the teams and judged them on three criteria viz; presentation, taste and cooking. Marigold Toli representing Rajasthan State won the first prize for Cooking. The students also reflected the colors of India through dance performance of various states. The programme included Haryana dance, Punjabi Giddha, Rajasthani dance, Gujarati Dance etc. The cultural activity attained high attention and applause of all the people presented in the auditorium. Nisha Verma of BTC Session 2017-19 (3rd Semester) won the first prize in solo dance event and Lily Toli representing Gujarat State won the 1st Prize in Group Dance event. Mr. Shyam Singh motivated students to build strong character by being independent, leading life in a disciplined manner and doing at least one good deed daily. The camp was ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Pramod Mishra (Assistant Professor, C.T.E. Department). The camp had good coverage in the Daily Newspapers on 4th January 2017 and 8th Jan 2017.

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