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Objectives: The objectives behind this activity are laid down as follows:

Quiz provides an interactive platform where students are not participating to take home a prize or get famous overnight, but to gain knowledge, seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and secure their future.

It changes scope of learning, since questions are based not only from syllabus but also out-of-syllabus and require critical thinking and extensive research, students get into the habit of innovative learning from an early age.

It also bridges academia-industry gap as during interviews, recruiters have found that Indian students are good in theoretical knowledge but are not privy to industry knowledge because of the current pattern of curriculum. Hence, there is still a huge gap in preparing our students for the market.

Venue: Computer Lab at

Time: 12-10-2018


BCA 2nd (A+B)

BCA 1st (A)

12:30-1:30 pm 3:00-400 pm

Student Participation: The number of student participated from BCA 2nd year was 57 and participation from BCA 1st was 30 students from section-A & 38 students from section-B respectively.

member Involved: The Activity was conducted on the overview /supervision of the activity co-coordinators namely,

  • Ms. Mansi Gupta
  • Mr. Shashank Kumar

Quiz Strategy: Quiz with a new concept was introduced this time. Following were the features of the Quiz:

  • 10 question from all the subjects (current semester) were included in the quiz
  • The question pattern was MCQ type conceptual based
  • It was not a group activity instead all the students participated individually
  • Each question was attached with a 50 second timer and as the timer expired the question changed to the next upcoming question
  • Students were provided with a sheet in which they had to circle their answer against each question asked.

Winners:The winners of Quiz were:

BCA 2nd year:

  • Priyanka Maurya who is from BCA (3rd Semester, Sec-B) got the First Position
  • Reet Yadav from BCA (3rd Semester, Sec-B) got the Second Position
  • Varsha Yadav from BCA (3th Semester, Sec-B ) got the Third Semester

BCA 1st year:

  • Sumit , Neetu Kashyap, Ravinder Singh who are from BCA (1st Semester, Sec-B) got the First Position.
  • Rajat Rana from BCA (1st Semester, Sec-B) got the Second Position
  • Monu Sharma from BCA (1st Semester, Sec-B) got the Third Semester.

Certificate Distribution: The Winners of the quiz were given certificates. So, lots of cheers for the winners of the quiz

Answer Key Sharing:All the quiz questions and respective answer key were provided to all the participants by e-mails.

Submitted By:
Ms. Mansi Gupta
Activity Co-ordinators:
Ms. Mansi Gupta
Mr. Shashank Kumar
Ms. Sughandha Goel
(Dean Academics)


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