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National Seminar on "Managing Business with Human Values - Challenges and Measures" on 24th March 2018 (Saturday)


  • Contributions should not exceed 5000 words including Charts, Tables and other Graphics.
  • The Research Paper should be preceded by an Abstract, not exceeding 150 words.
  • British spellings should be followed throughout (eg. programme, not program)
  • Tables and Charts should be in black & white only. These should be serially numbered sequentially, following references to them in the text and presented on separate sheets.
  • Two good Prints of the Article, in A-4 size stationary are required to be submitted. Matter should be formatted in Times New Roman, font size 12. The Title should be in upper case with font size 14. The main headings should be in upper case with font size 14 and sub headings should be formatted in lower case with font size 13.The manuscript should be clearly typed in double space with 1 and ½” wide margin on the left and ½” on the right side. The authors may note that the hard copy will be considered final and authentic. Additionally, the matter should be sent either as an e-mail attachment or on a CD formatted in Word for Windows.
  • Introduction and Conclusion must be added. This should be brief and state the relation with the present status of knowledge in the field.
  • All the Articles should be duly signed at the end.
  • Citation in the text should simply give the name of the author and the year of publication quoted. For example: A.S.Agarwal (1970)
  • References should be given separately at the end of the paper and arranged alphabetically. The list should include only the work that the author/s has cited.
  • References should include full details of the name(s) of the author(s), title of the article or book, name of the journal, details of the publishers, year & month of publication including page numbers, as appropriate. The following style should be strictly followed:

a .For Periodicals:

The author(s) name, year of publication, title of the article, journal name, volume and issue number and the page numbers of the article should be provided. For example:

Mishra, K.M. (2002) Knowledge Management, New Delhi: Pearson Education MA: Allyn & Bacon.

b .For books:

Rowling,J.K.(2001) Harry Potter and the Socerer’s Stone.London: Bloomsburg Children’s.

c .For Magazine Article:

Kuttner, R. (2003, September 8) The great American pension-fund robbery. Business Week, 24-26.

d.If an article has no author, the periodical or newspaper is referenced as follows: The Hindustan Times (2008) RIL finds new gas basin, November27: 2010

e.For unpublished works such as workings papers, dissertations and papers presented at meetings, seminars, conferences etc:
Tyagi, R.M, and Malik, S.P. (2007) Job Satisfaction Working Paper No 46, Indian Institute of Travel Management, Gwalior
Thakur,Reema,(2001) Effectiveness of different leadership styles on job satisfaction of factory workers.Unpublished doctoral dissertation.Jawahar Lal Nehru University,New Delhi

f.For Article in Online Journal:

Jacoby, W. G. (1994). Public attitudes toward government spending. American Journal of Political Science, 38(2), 336-361. Retrieved from

The Manuscript should be accompanied by:

  • A cover page containing the title, author’s name & affiliation, mailing address, phone, fax number and e-mail address.
  • A second page containing the title, abstract/ summary (in about 150 words). In case of multiple authors, the cover page should indicate the author to whom correspondence should be addressed to.
  • A declaration that the paper is original and has not been Submitted / Published elsewhere or presented.
  • Two passport size photographs should be sent with brief resume.


  • Manuscripts not considered for publication will not be sent back. Acceptance of Papers for Presentation in Seminar and subsequent Publication in IPEM Journal of Management (as per the Prescribed Norms specially with reference to Plagiarism ) shall be informed through e-mail or through normal mail
  • Manuscripts that fail to conform to the guidelines will not be considered for publication.
  • The ultimate decision to accept or reject a paper rests with the editorial board. The final draft of an accepted paper may be subjected to editorial amendments to suit the IPEM Journal Requirements.
  • The author whose paper is published will receive one free copy of journal that carries the paper.
  • IPEM does not accept any responsibility for the views expressed in the articles by the authors or for any inadvertent omissions. No part of the articles published in this JOURNAL should be reproduced without written permission from the Editor.
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