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On 21st June 2019 IPEM celebrated the Yoga Day


On 21st June 2019 IPEM celebrated the Yoga Day, where Dr. Nishi Sharma, Head, CTE, IPEM Group of Institutions delivered the Opening Address and formally inaugurated the Program.

Ms. Anupama Singh, Power Yoga Instructor, shared her personal experiences and her journey towards healthy, harmonious living on the basis of Yoga and Meditation. She stated that Power Yoga enhances the stamina, flexibility, posture and mental focus.

A documentary on the Origin, Benefits and Potential of Yoga interlaced with the motivational glimpses was prepared and presented by the Students of IPEM Group of Institutions.

A Presentation on the importance of yoga was given by Mr. Deepanshu Paliwal, Assistant Professor, Management Department. According to him Yoga is discipline that must be followed lifelong and it is vital for the good health of people.

Mr. Shashank Chaudhary, Associate Professor, Management Department stated that Meditation is the essence of Yoga through which individuals can experience the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness.

Yoga Day Celebration

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