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3-Days E-International Workshop on IOT, Machine Learning and its Application

TITLE: Internet of Things – Machine Learning and its Applications.
Duration & Tentative Dates:3 Days, 5th to 7th January 2020. , Time (3 Hours approx).
Target Audience: Students from MCAIst, VthSem, BCA IIIrd, Vthsem .
Instructors: (Prof.) Dr. VibashYadav, (Prof.) Dr. Anviti Gupta, (Prof.) Dr. Parma Nanad , (Prof.) Dr. Raghuraj Singh, Dr. Danish Ather, Dr. Pooja, Dr. Ashendra Kumar Saxena , Dr. Gabriel AyodejiOgunmola.
Event Coordinator: Ms. Richa Vijay, Mr. Shivoham Tiwari.

S.No Chief Guest Workshop Date No of Students
1 Prof.Raghuraj Singh (Prof.)Dr. VibhashYadav (Prof.)Anviti Gupta Dr.DanishAthar 5 Jan 2021 (Day-1) 105
2 Dr. Pooja Dr. Danish Athar 6 Jan 2021 (Day-2) 115
3 Dr. Ashendra Kumar Saxena Dr. Gabriel AyodejiOgunmola 7 Jan 2021 (Day-3) 105

Platform:Microsoft Team

Objectives of the Workshop

Topic Covered:

Topic Implementation
Implementation Internet of Things Hands On working on live Simulator
Machine Learning Application & Its Scope Working with sample dataset
Digital Analytics a Paradigm Approach to E- Business Development definitional aspects, distinctive characteristics, types, value
Hands on Session on R - Programming Hands On working on R Programming Tools

Report: The primaryobjective of this workshop is to provide basic training and understanding the concepts of IOT - Machine Learning and its applications to the students theoretically as well as practically. Basically IOT describes the network of physical objects – “things” – that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. In first two days we learnt about how Arduino work and how to create different kind of circuits by embed different type of component like (LED, Breadboard, Registers, etc.). And in machine learning we learnt about its application that what is it uses? and where is it use? and its scope as well. As well as we also go through with some of its algorithm. And on the last day we cover an overview about some basics of R- Programming and Digital Analytics a paradigm approach to E- Business Development, this session was also so interactive in R-programming we learnt about its basic structures, data types, and about its syntax as well and many other interesting things. And the digital analytics session was on the high the instructor make us enjoy by completely solving our doubts and all that. At the end of each session, the instructors were there to solve our doubts. And at the last we wrap up our workshop by Ms. Savita Singh (Assistant Professor, Ipem) by giving closing remarks and vote of thanks.

Glimpses of Workshop: 3 Days E-International Workshop on IOT

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