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National Webinar On “Centre-State Relations Under Indian Constitution” ACTIVITY REPORT

1. TITLE OF ACTIVITY - National Webinar On “Centre-State Relations Under Indian Constitution” 2. PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES - After about seventy years of the working of the Constitution, this is the time to relook at the Constitution and work towards the establishment of a true Federation where the States may also feel strengthened and at the same time are not a threat to the Unity and Integrity of the country. The Objective of the Seminar is to make an attempt to re define the Relationship between the Centre and States so as to make States stronger and more autonomous. To maintain Harmony while analyzing and exercising control over Legislation as well as Administration of the States. 3. ORGANISIG DEPARTMENT – IPEM LAW ACADEMY 4. DATE- 20 JUNE 2020 5. TIME (s) – FROM 10:30_AM TO 3:30 PM 6. CONVENERS- Dr. Meenakshi Tomar and Ms. Neha Garg 7. CHIEF GUEST/ KEY SPEAKERS/ OTHER GUEST (s) • Prof. (Dr.) M. P.Singh, Chancellor Central University of Haryana and Chair Professor, Centre for Comparative Law National Law university Delhi • Justice M. N. Rao, Former Chief justice High court of Himachal Pradesh and Chairman National Commission of for Backward classes • Prof. (Dr.) Anjali Mittal, Dean Law ( C.C.S. University, Meerut) Chair Person of the Session • Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Sharma, Former Professor & `Head Deptt. of law, Dean Faculty of Law, University of Jammu, Former State Information Commissioner J&K • Dr. Mohd. Asad Malik, Faculty of Law Jamia Millia Islamia University(Delhi) • Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Gupta, Former Chairman and Dean Faculty of Law, Kurukshetra University (Haryana) • Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Law, University of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir • Dr. H K Amar Nath, Associate Professor and Head Public Finance Information System National Institute of Public finance and Policy Ancillary Institute of Ministry of Finance • Dr. Susmitha P Mallaya, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi 8. CATEGORY AND NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS - • Faculties, Research Scholars, Professionals, Advocates and Students • TotalNumber of Participants-580 (List) • Total Papers for Presentation- 51 (List) • Total Paper Presented- 33 (ANNEXURE-01) 9. PLATFORM USED - ZOOM app, YouTube Zoom Link-
Youtube Link ="Click Here"

10. PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL PREPARED – Invitation Letters (ANNEXURE 02) Rules/Regulations (Brochure) Registration Form (Google Form) Contents of SMSs 11. SOCIAL AND PRINT MEDIA USED FOR PROMOTION -(Website, Facebook, Whatsapp Groups) 12. CONDUCT METHODOLGY – IPEM Law Academy organized Webinar on the subject Center State Relation under Indian Constitution .The entire program has been conducted in five sessions as follows: Inaugural Session - Addresses by Director IPEM Law Academy Prof. Dr. B P S Sehgal & Director General IPEM Col Dr. A. S Malhotra. Chief Guest Mr Justice M N Rao & Special Guest Professor M P Sharma delivered their speeches. Technical Session I - Keynote speakers presentation were done (Total 6) & the Session was chaired by Dr Anjali Mittal Dean Law CCS University. Technical Session II & III paper presentation by participants & delegates (Total 27 Papers) from many parts of the country. At last Velidictory Session was introduced by Prof Dr Sehgal & Chaired Dr Ashad Malik of Jamia Milia University. In this session Reporters presented reports of every session. In the end Dr Minaxi Tamar on behalf of IPEM Law Academy delivered Vote of thanks. Total Registration for Webinar - 580 Zoom Attendence -180 YouTube Viewers – 46 Total paper Received-51 (Copy Attached) Total Paper Presented-44 Details of Feedbackform-180 (Copy Attached) 13. Results , Awards , Certificates and Details of Felicitation Ceremony held (if any) 14. OUTCOMES & OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED - The legal world through this Seminar reflected constitutional provisions & political ideas and views that are ideologically so clear-cut that handling them is a political, not a legal issue. Politics is the force driving changes in the law. In its efforts to bring about changes in the legal system, any democratic government like us. Without a paradigm shift in politics, Centre-state relations will only become more fractious, and federalism the victim. The months-long national lockdown has exposed fault lines in a system under stress from competing alternate visions of what India should be. Centre-state conflicts are mounting over myriad issues: the management of the disease itself; the management of the lockdown; a roadmap for lifting restrictions so that normalcy returns; and allocation of financial resources to meet the health, social and economic challenges ahead. Through this webinar many views & ideas received that really enhance the participants knowledge & as well a very complex topic was discussed in very congenial manner. 15. OBSERVATIONS & SHORTCOMINGS – Though the entire programme was very well coordinated & watchful experience for all. However some points needs to be address in future since it was first time online webinar has been conducted. Therefore on technology friendly environment & personals required. To hold audience in this kind of event is a very tough task so have to think on this concern. Quality papers should be given preference in presentation. Since the event is time bound so presentation timing must be adhered by all Dignitaries, Speakers & Participants 16. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FUTURE IMPROVEMENTS – 1. Stakeholder participation and coordination efforts should be strengthened to ensure effective collaboration and coordination among concerned departments and various levels of administrative helpers to assure more timely and coordinated action and more effective planning. 2. Attention of the audience because the beginning of the seminar is good is an important point. But the most important is keeping up with the pace by setting some highlights. 3. Advance preparation can reduce nervousness 4. Identify our target audience & roster of speaker 5 .To minimize the risk of technical difficulties during the event, ensure that the following are tested out and prepared accordingly: Sound system ,Lights Audio and visual presentations Registration database 17. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS • Always try to fulfill the goal of the Seminar. • Think About Visual Branding

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