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Visit to Supreme Court on 4th Dec,2018

The SUPREME COURT OF INDIA is the highest judicial forum and final court of appeal under the Constitutional court ,with the power of judicial review. It was established on 26th January 1950 and is located on Tilak Marg New Delhi having the capacity of 31 Judges. The list is according to the seniority .There are currently 27 Judges including Chief Justice of India.

The IPEM Law College, in the academic year 2018 organised a visit to the Apex Court of the Country Supreme Court of India on 4th Dec, 2018. Students observed Chief Justice of India Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ranjan Gagoi, Hon’ble Mr.Juustice Lokeshwar Singh Panta, Hon’ble Justice B.Lukur and other justice hearing the various matters related to ongoing cases pertaining from Court No 1-13. Students also visited library & spent some quality time there. They also visited the S-C Museum and observed the evolution of legal system in India since Mohanjo Daro civilization, to present legal system on India, which include the Maurya period, Gupta period, Mughal period and British Period. At Last they have also got a chance to watch a documentary in the auditorium which shows the detail history of Supreme Court formation and its process of dispensing the Law.

This visit was aimed at making the students aware of functioning of the highest body of justice. The visit was organized for final year students of both courses. It was a long demanding request that has been conducted in peaceful manner. The purpose of the visit to learn the Supreme Court procedures and procedure for quick administrative justice to the people of India.It was liked & appreciated by all students.

Mr. Sudhakaran
Ms. Archana

Visit to Supreme Court

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