Students Club

Communication Club

About the Club

Communication is the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. However, it is said to be effective only when the message is understood and when it stimulates action or encourages the receiver to think in new ways. The main objective of the communication club is to hone the communication & presentation skills of the students of IPEM and contribute to their personality development.

Computer Application Club

About the Club

To build the confidence, enhance the technical skills of the Students and to motivate them for more participation in Various Activities conducted by IPEM Group of Institutions, the IT Club has been constituted. As the technology now a days has become the backbone of every event which include Presentations, Videography, Photography, Animation etc. Thus, the aim of this IT Club is provide the Technical Support for all activities organized at IPEM and making the Students equipped with new technology trends.

Cultural Club

About the Club

Cultural is the widening of mind and spirit which is well displayed by the students of IPEM. Different department. of IPEM organize various cultural activities to shape the intellect, imagination an creativity of the students The main aim of any kind of education is the progressive and holistic development of the students. Keeping this objective in view, IPEM has constituted a Cultural Club.

Sports Club

About the Club

The IPEM group of institutes promotes the multidimensional growth of the students with an emphasis on integrated physical and intellectual training. Though at the initial stage, we need to appoint a physical trainer instructor on a regular basis so as to devise special slots in the daily, curriculum for different physical training physical activities and organise various indoor and outdoor sports competitions at inter-departmental/inter-college level.

Entrepreneurship Club

About the Club

IPEM has introduced Entrepreneurship Club for stimulating the young minds of the students of all departments to think beyond the traditional mindsets and foster the culture of entrepreneurship.

Environment Club

About the Club

The environment is the bedrock of all civilisations and the lifeblood of our economies. IPEM’s environmental club aims to encourage students to engage in significant environmental activities and projects.